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Tail End Charlie Adventure Game

Thank you for your interest in my pc adventure game, "Tail End Charlie". 

It is the story of a veteran WWII bomber pilot who enlists your aid in collecting his cherished memories of his beloved crewmen. He draws you, the player, into his final moments in a kind of psychic link, recognizing your interest in aviation.

This game is the product of my imagination (and a lot of photoshop). It is intended as a way of honoring all military personel also. Please play the game all the way to the conclusion.......I promise it is worth the effort.

I am a novice game maker, but I extensively tested the game and it should work just fine on any pc.

The game is free and complete.

The game download includes a very thorough walkthrough........don't hesitate to refer to it for help if necessary. The puzzles are many and varied, but they are absolutely logical........think logically and pay attention (take notes if needed). 

Let me know what you think!!

Terence Winstead



(click to download) 

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